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Collabory provides business angels, venture capital funds and startup programs with all the tools they need to carry out their project. Whether you are a group of business angels looking to organize a project, a venture capital fund looking at a major investment, or a startup program that brings together top-notch investors and promising startups, Collabory will allow you to collaborate safely.

Our Values

Collabory is your trusted investment and monitoring partner for entering markets with upcoming startup ecosystems.

Opaque markets such as North Africa and India present great challenges to investors but reward handsomely those who dare to become part of a world changing movement.

Emerging countries become more and more connected to global capital and consumer markets, exhibit a stronger focus on upcoming high-tech and attribute significantly more equity shares to financial investments. Collabory grants access to the benefits while safeguarding investor interests.

Market Analytics

Gather insights into emerging markets through local insiders and robust screening networks

Selection of Prime Start-Ups

Analysts familiar with relevant industries around the startup-ecosystem select and present only the most promising founders

Stimulating Co-Work Spaces

Rest assured that your invested in start-ups are provided with the best environment and are monitored daily

German Deal Security

Collabory is a German investor network, following European reporting standards, mediating legal risks abroad